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We are open for the 2024 season

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until Mid June, then only closed Wednesdays until end of October.

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Buffalo Mountain Zipline Guides

New guides must complete a formal two-day training program to be certified to work as a tour guide.  Applicants considered for formal training will first be asked to participate in some tours to assess suitability for training.  Full time employment is not available, even on a seasonal basis. The next new guide training is expected to be in May/June 2024.

Starting pay is $15/hr plus tips which translates to an average of $25/hr; average tips are often higher during peak season.  Flexible schedule.  Must be able to participate in mandatory, two-day, new guide training –  for Spring/summer employment in 2024. Training hours are 8am-5pm, subject to change due to inclement weather.

Saturday is the busiest day of the week, applicants with Saturday availability will be given preference.  To apply, please fill out the online application below.  Questions may be emailed to BuffaloMountainZiplines@gmail.com.

What are the primary responsibilities of a Buffalo Mountain Zipline Guide?

A two-person Buffalo Mountain Zipline Guide team hosts and leads groups of up to 10 people throughout the eight-line zipline course in a safe manner while providing a fun experience for our zipline guests.  The sending guide coaches guest on proper riding/braking, secures guests to the zipline, and sends them out on each line.  The receiving guide ensures that that each guest safely reaches the platform, unclips the guests from line and ensures they are clipped to a safety cable at all times except while on the ground while they wait to do the next line.  The receiving guide also ensures that all guests who do not adequately brake on their own are safely stopped.

Who is the ideal candidate for a zipline guide position?

Successful Buffalo Mountain Zipline Guides enjoy working outdoors, are easy going and can connect with people of many different backgrounds. BMZ Guides are comfortable being responsible for the care and safety of other people. Being a successful member of our family is easy: show up on time, clean appearance and a friendly smile. Positive and professional attitude is a must. BMZ Guides are able to communicate instructions to customers in a friendly disarming manner. Guides have a strict attention to detail when performing routine tasks. Guides help our guests with their harness, helmet, and other gear before safely taking them through our zipline course. Training is provided!

What are the qualifications for this role?

Must be at least 16 years old, mature, able to stay focused, and assertive enough to provide direction for our guests, including taking appropriate action if a guest is not behaving in a safe manner. Must have and maintain a positive attitude, professional demeanor, and clean appearance. Serious minded regarding all aspects of safety. Enjoy working outdoors. Must be physically fit in order to pull yourself and others on the zipline, to inspire confidence among the guests that their safety will be maintained during this activity. Must be able to stand for long periods, walk with guests as needed through our course, and tolerate weather conditions such as heat, rain, wind, and cool temperatures. Must be able to learn and perform Buffalo Mountain Zipline protocols and procedures.

What are the duties of this role?

Properly outfit customers with harnesses, helmets and gloves; and guide them through the course and safely bring them back while following the protocols and procedures of Buffalo Mountain Ziplines. Inspecting course and equipment on a daily basis. Provide guests operational safety orientation at start of tour. Start and carry on a pleasant conversation with strangers, be respectful and flexible in working with a wide diversity of guests that come from all around the world. Command the attention of a group up to 10 people. Make a good first impression while gaining the trust of customers through expertise, personality, and professionalism. Help customers overcome fear of heights and concerns about safety through positive affirmations and gentle, appropriate humor. Be able to take photos of guests.  Can also include driving, cleaning, organizing, maintain property, and other duties involved in the support of the operation.

What are the work schedules and related expectations?

Buffalo Mountain Ziplines operates primarily on a reservation-based schedule.  During peak season on the busiest days, walk-in guest availability is much more likely.  Guides are contacted by 6pm the day before if they are on the schedule for tours the next day and given updates on which tour times have bookings.  Guides scheduled to work need to show up a half hour before the first tour to help check in and gear up guests to start the tour on time.

  • Must be 16 years of age or older  (Must be 21 years of age to drive BMZ’s transport vehicle with zipline guests)
  • Non-Smokers Only (Guides will be in close contact with guests)
  • Must be able to appropriately project their voice and communicate clearly with guests in a respectful manner
  • No inappropriate clothing
  • No heavy perfume/cologne
  • Must complete First Aid and CPR training as provided by Buffalo Mountain Ziplines if not already certified.